Below are details of some of our past concerts.


Friday 8th November

Ensemble Eos Cymru/Wales
Swansea Unitarian Church

Christopher Weeks:
What the angel said… 
Mervyn Burtch:
Four Portraits from Alice in Wonderland
Charles Gounod:
Petite Symphonie
Ludwig van Beethoven:
Wind Octet in Eb Op. 103


Fraser Goulding and Ensemble Eos

London Piano Trio

Coull Quartet

Adam Khan, guitar


Friday 17th May Neath
Saturday 18th May Swansea
Clive Carroll – Guitar

Sat 6th April Swansea
Roger Birnstingl, Ensemble Eos

Saturday 23rd March 2013 Swansea
Fraser Goulding conductor, James Ralph bassoon, Mark Kane horn, Ensemble Eos

22nd March Llanelli
Ensemble Eos
2nd February Swansea
Longford Brown Piano Duo


Denner Ensemble 17th November Swansea
Ensemble Eos 11th April 12th April 2012 Neath Swansea
Cavaleri Quartet 3rd March Swansea
The Benyounes Quartet 4th February Swansea


Simon Parkin, piano, and Ensemble Eos 26th November Swansea
Benyounes Quartet 21st May Swansea
Denner Ensemble 26th February Swansea


20th November Swansea
Ensemble Eos
17th September 18th September 19th November Neath Swansea Carmarthen
Ensemble Eos
13th March Swansea
Ensemble Eos
13th February Swansea
Hannah Roberts, cello, and Simon Parkin, piano


Sally Johnson, Ensemble Eos Swansea
Ensemble Eos 30th April Swansea
Lambert/Johnson Duo & Ensemble Eos 17th January Swansea
Ensemble Eos 30th April Swansea


Coull Quartet 22nd November Swansea
Ensemble Eos 3rd July Swansea
Ensemble Eos 18th April 19th April 2008 Porthcawl Swansea
Denner Ensemble 16th February Swansea
Coull Quartet 22nd November Swansea


Welsh Camerata & Welsh Baroque Orchestra 8th December Swansea
Alison Stephens, mandolin 29th November Swansea
Nicky Spence, tenor, Andrew Matthews-Owen, piano September Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 11th July 12th July Aberdare Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 28th February 29th February 30th February Aberdare Swansea Cardiff
Sally Johnson (soprano) & Lindy Tennent-Brown (piano) 24th February Swansea
Hannah Roberts (’cello) & Simon Parkin (piano) 20th January Swansea


Wormshead Brass 16th December Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 17th November 18th November Aberdare Swansea
Claire Booth (soprano), Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone), Andrew Matthews-Owen & Michael Pollock (piano) 30th September Swansea
Catrin Win Morgan (violin) and Jennie-Helen Moston (piano) 24th June Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 9th March 11th March 25th April Swansea Oxford London
The Artea Quartet 18th February Swansea
Denner Ensemble 21st January Swansea


Reiko Fujisawa, piano 10th December Swansea
Emerald Ensemble 17th November Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 7–8th July Swansea Carmarthen
The Alauna Ensemble 16th June Swansea
Richard Ormrod (piano) 28th May Swansea
The Sorrel Quartet 16th March Swansea
Sally Johnson, soprano, Alauna Ensemble 26th February Swansea
The Archaeus Quartet 29th January Swansea


Welsh Baroque Orchestra 11th December Swansea
The Lancier Quintet 27th November Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 22nd July Resolven Neath
The Archaeus Quartet 24th June Swansea
Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano) and Paul Plummer (piano) 20th May Swansea
Richard Ormrod 28th April Swansea


The Emerald Ensemble 19th June Swansea
The Bingham Quartet 3rd May Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 11th & 12th April Aberdare Swansea
Gabrielle Painter (violin) & Karl Lutchmayer (piano) 29 March Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 20–22 February Kidwelly Aberdare Swansea
Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano), John Reid (piano), Jean Marsden Codd (oboe/oboe d’amore),Robert Codd (bassoon)
and Sharon Richards (piano) 25 January Swansea


Andrew Long (violin), Hannah Roberts (’cello) & Simon Parkin (piano) 14 December Swansea
The Meirion Ensemble 21–23 November Ferndale Ammanford Swansea
Sally Cathrine Johnson (soprano), Julia Webb (harp) Alauna Ensemble 18–19 June 2002 Carmarthen Swansea
Young Choon Park (piano) 29 May Swansea
Richard Ormrod (piano) 20 March Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 28 February, 1st & 2nd March Swansea Neath Llanelli
Clive Carroll (guitar) 31 January Swansea


Bochmann Quartet & John Cooper (clarinet) 13 December Swansea
Martyn Hill (tenor) & Andrew Ball (piano) 24 November Swansea
Sally Cathrine Johnson (soprano), Julia Webb (harp) The Alauna Ensemble 21–23 June Carmarthen Neath Swansea
The Sorrel Quartet 19 May Swansea
The Cambrian Brass Ensemble 26–28 April Ferndale Rhondda Heritage Centre Swansea
Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano), Leo Hussein (piano) John Cooper (clarinet) 9 March Swansea
Alauna Ensemble 20th January Swansea
Dominic Seldis (bass) James Pearson (piano) 3 February Swansea
The Alauna Ensemble 18–20 January Resolven Ammanford Swansea


Gina McCormack (violin) Rebecca Holt (piano) 21 December Swansea
Hannah Roberts (’cello) Simon Parkin (piano) 25 November Swansea

Carl Joseph, piano, Alauna Ensemble  January Swansea


Corinthian Quartet & Caroline Richards, cello. July Swansea 26th June Swansea Museum